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If I fall back down...

I came up with another idea for my story I need to write for assignment 2. I picked up this snail yesterday and threw it into the bushes on the way to the station. It got me thinking... wat if the snail thought my hand was the hand of god or something. Then when I threw him in there he went around telling all his friends about the hand of god and what not. Theeeen he became a snail prophet. I dunno bout it anymore, I can't decide. Hum. I think if I don't write the snail one for my essay thingy I wanna write it anyway but then again I feel that for just about every idea I come up with and 95% never get written. I need to write more. I came up with this idea bout Persephone sitting on her throne sometime ago, it was to be part of a poem or something but I never got around to writing it. I should. I think I'll try sometime soon. Note to self: write that bloody poem. My eyes hurt from too much reading recently, ow. I think I'm gonna get some more sleep tonight too, time to go to bed early. I'm work shopping next week too. I'm hoping to write my story on Sunday/Monday and then e-mail it to Jenny asap. I think tomorrow will be dedicated to writing that pesky comm essay which will suck I'm sure but it must be done. I wish I had more time! I miss reading and writing and just being. I miss it alot. All I seem to do nowadays is work. Oh well, time to get going and see what I can do about work. Damn you work.
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