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So yeaaaaaaaah, work shopping went well on Wednesday. It went better than I thought it would which is good. Kate said a couple nice things afterwards. One I remember; "you're deffinately a dialogue writer." I took that as a compliment because thats my favourite thing to read and write and I love language and conversation. I haven't gone through all the comments people made on it because I've been rather busy what with work and going out and the like. I probably will sometime next week or something. I'm rather stuck with my comm piece too but thats okie, it'll come together. This is only editting anyway. Hmm, what else. I'm really stuck with what to do with my story as well. I'm not entirely sure how to continue it from where I left off in the workshop 2 pages thing. I'm actually rather thankful it was there cause I was having a great deal of trouble continuing. Did I spell that right? Who knows. Oh yeah, I hate grammar. And I hate that damn grammar book we have to work from. It's just so tiresome. I don't see how it's expected of us to be any good at it when I never really did it in school. Well, we did nouns and verbs and crap like 1st or 2nd grade but thats really the extent of it. Thats the extent of my knowledge as well. Don't ask me to name anything or be technical, but I can sort of feel it, like when it's right or not. I dunno how, I just can tell if it's right and thats the correct word by feeling. Sometimes I don't know the meaning of the word but I know it feels right so I still use it. My wrist is sore from this flurry of typing so I guess it's time to go before I give me some rsi and wreck my chances of actually writing that story.
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