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Over the winter
They sleep.
The icy ground,
Beckons their innocence.
Beauty chained,
Trapped and restrained.
But in the spring,
Lo and behold;
They rise up,
And show beauty untold.
For a brief instant;
A flash of time,
They are more radiant
Than ever was thought.
Happiness creating,
Beauty unabating,
It only gets better,
For this young flower.
As it gets colder,
And things get tough.
The first frost,
Caresses gently.
They die out,
As much does in life;
Thus, beauty all gone,
Those left only mourn.
So come too late,
And you’ll miss it too.
But come too early…
And it could be too soon,
Long before it had begun.
Until next time,
A swift return is hoped.
Come back, dear bloom,
And bring with you tidings,
Of happier times.
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