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The Emo Cam Whore has left the building, w00t w00t

I wrote this ages ago and I know it sucks but oh well. Tomorrow I'm going to start that story thingamabob. I don't really know what to write exactly but thats why I have 4 or so weeks? till it's due. This is just for the stupid work shopping on Wednesday. Waha, so what to say about writing... hum. Writing is tough! Okie I'm done for the week. Cheerio old chaps.

My little pain reliever.
Long and thin, sharp.
Who would understand,
Why you bring me such relief?
Why you help me so.
No one would.
That’s the answer,
Plain and true.
I wish they could…
They should, they should.
Never can.
My regrets flow over,
To attempt an explanation?
Or leave it to experience.
Your feeling in my hand,
Calms me.
Soothes my soul.
When I touch you to the whiteness,
And feel you leave your mark,
I realise what you were made for.
What I was made for.
To relieve the pain etched,
In my very being.
You remove,
The pain life leaves.
I thank you,
My one true friend.
From the bottom of my heart,
And the paper you caress.

http://www.penny-arcade.com/view.php3?date=2004-09-06&res=l <--- remind me of that next time I mope about missing school.
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