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Remember, whatever, it seems like forever ago

Yesterday pro. writing was good! We had the very last workshopping for the whole year so I'm pleased at it being finally over and not hanging over my head. Kate did hers and I really liked it. It was cool, lame I know, but it really was! It also had this really cool twist etc. I won't go into it too much cause it's not my story but hey, twas good. We also got to watch a half hour video in history which got me thinking about the film The Quiet American. Thats a an utterly brilliant movie. The acting is great, esp from ex-George of the Jungle/Encino man Brendan Fraser. I need to see that again. I really like the way it the script and dialogue moulds in with the whole feel that the camera work creates, as well as the history and the landscape. It's really good. It's a shame it was kind of blacklisted for the portrayal of the Vietnam War but oh well. So yeah, today I wrote some of my story thing. I'm up to about 1000+ words and I got a little stuck. I usually don't like to push my writing unless it's with a pen or I get a little off topic and it begins to get crap. I suppose thats my version of writers block because I don't think I've ever actually gotten it. I need to start writing my stories with pens again. I just got out all I wanted to say in one big flurry and I left it, and came back and edditted it if it was worth it, and it frequently wasn't. Oh well, I'm tired and Kates coming round tomorrow so it's time for bed. Oh hey, I watched Fight Club today! Another great movie. Now thats an awesome story with an awesome twist and an awesome just about everything. I get to see it again tomorrow too. Yaaaaay!
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