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Cyrano de Bergerac

When Cyrano de Bergerac was first presented as a play at the Porte Saint-Martin Theater, Paris, the audience applauded for a full hour after the curtain fell. The 1990 film continues this immensely popular legacy powerfully, as I found myself wanting to call "encore, encore!" I just didn't know it in French. Winner of a plethora of awards, from a Golden Globe for best foreign film, 10 French Cesars, and an Oscar for best costumes, Cyrano de Bergerac is a romping tale of the wit, courage and bravado of France's most famous literary character. The lead part is played superbly by Gerard Depardieu in the role that won him best actor at the 1990 Cannes film festival. The film tells a tale of the long-nosed poet, duellist and swordsman who was afraid of nothing except telling his beautiful cousin Roxanne his true feelings for her. One of the more memorable episodes in this epic is Cyrano's duel with a hundred men, taken on behalf of a drunkard poet. Or perhaps if you're a romantic at heart, the famous balcony scene in which Cyrano guides Christian through the rigours of eloquent love, shot in an inspirational light rainstorm. The countless nose jokes, as well as Cyrano's scathing wit, will provide amusement for those who can read fast enough to catch the subtitles. The sumptuous costumes, sets and storyline will tailor for those of us who love an epic drama. Personally, my favourite moments occur in the closing moments of Cyrano's final words, and his professing to not love Roxanne as ardently and passionately as he surely does, though I will not ruin the film for those who have not seen it. Cyrano de Bergerac is a film that comprises many different aspect, such as romance, swash-buckling drama and empathy inducing unrequited love, and brings them together in the most expensive and successful French film ever made.
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