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So yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, in goes the story. I handed it in today and felt a fair amount of dread at the moment. I don't think it was actually too bad... but Sandy didn't really like it and I think it made Jeni laugh. But then again the people in my writing tute seemed to like it from the feedback and Jenny said it was good when I sent it to her and Kate liked it alot. Hum. Even mum said it was ok and I could "make my living as a writer." I pointed out fiction writers don't make money anymore. It's all 'true stories' like the Da Vinci code. Man I need to just write a big fat blob of fiction and call it truth and see the money roll in. So yeah anyway I may just post the finished version of the story or something, or I may not. I sort of wanna post my lit essay cause I wuvvies it to pieces and I'm rather proud of it. Call me arrogant but I am.
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