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The longest kiss ever with 2 blocked noses

Writing was alright today. We didn't have to do the dreaded grammar and instead went for a wander to buy Verandah. Jenny also got us to do this exercise so I'm going to stick it in here because it amused me at the time.

The longest kiss ever, in which both participants had blocked noses, occurred in Amsterdamn, The Netherlands, on april fools day 1996. Robert and Laura were two australians that had started drinking at the Munich Oktoberfest and never looked back. They started to get red after 30 seconds. At a minute Laura was blue and Robert was verging on crimson. At a minute and a half, their eyes began to bulge. At 2 minutes Laura was blue all over and Robert was turning purple. At 2 and a half minutes Robert and Laura looked rather dazed and confused. At 3 minutes the burly German, Klaus, let go of their heads and Robert and Laura hit the floor.
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